About Us


  • Four-D was started as a division of Amana, a Swiss company that was founded in 1999. The objective was  to provide global retailers with a focused Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services which enables the implementation of social standards within the factories in which Products are manufactured across the developing world. Amana Management Consulting Pvt Ltd was set up in Bangalore, India as a subsidiary of the Swiss company with a focus on providing services in social compliance, social responsibility and social accountability and promoting ethical business across value chain beyond geographical limitations.
  • In 2005, Amana in India was re-christened as Four-D Consulting with an aim of emphasizing the Four dimensions that we believe are the corner stones of any successful business relationship i.e. quality, cost, delivery and above all ‘Value’. Four-D provides management systems consulting, Monitoring & Auditing, CSR Facilitation and Training/ Capacity building services. Four-D currently enjoys a reputation as a provider of quality consulting services to its customers and is focused on consolidating its market reach within India and maintain its international outreach to bring value to its clients.
  • Our endeavor to be a learning organization has been strengthening and enhancing our ability to better our deliveries consistently


  • We help our clients to streamline their management systems and do the business better by embarking on sustainable practices.
  • Enable smarter use of people power, coherent alignment with international standards and trigger value addition by preserving the integrity of unique and special features engrained in client practices.
  • Our experience across value chain enables integration of business essentials delivering  more than what clients ask for through seamless engagement and quality interventions. We are privileged to work with various International organisations .. Read More
Integrating business essentials...